A Letter from our President

Jackie 2022.JPG

September 2022

I am truly honored to be given this opportunity to serve in this role as President of the WFBPA. 


A special recognition must be made to Cindy Latino who has for a decade served in the leadership positions that has kept this association going.  And to the rest of the Board  for all the work that they do behind the scenes while simultaneously managing their own lives and businesses.  It speaks volumes about who they are as people and about their love and commitment to the vision and mission of the Association and to the village and town community we all enjoy and call home to our families and/or businesses.

My personal vision is to continue in Cindy's foot steps providing the same level of enthusiasm for supporting the small local businesses that keep Wappingers vibrant and foster a sense of community. Additionally I would like to offer and extend opportunities to those members who have been supporting the association to find value in the areas of business development, networking and making the process of referring one another better through relationships building, educational opportunities, and mentorship by sharing what we know with one another.  That said, I welcome you all to feel free and reach out to me with your ideas, interests and questions.  



With much gratitude,

Jackie Muller

WFBPA President