A Letter from our President

Dear Business Owners, Professionals, and Community Friends,


            When I wrote my letter in January to launch our WFBPA website, I listed the variety of activities, events and support membership in the Association offered to our businesses in the Village and surrounding area. I pledged that we would continue to grow that list as we found more ways that our organization could offer assistance. The rapidly changing events of the past few months have made our mission to expand our support an absolute necessity. The WFBPA Board of Directors has moved quickly to find solutions to the many challenges that lie ahead and to put those solutions into action.


Here is an update on the WFBPA projects and what we have been a part of over the past few weeks of dealing with the Market Street Fire and assisting business during the COVID-19 crisis.


Market Street Fire: We immediately offered assistance to the displaced businesses to find potential new or temporary locations to continue their business. We met with the Village to find potential sites and to help develop a plan to streamline relocation. TJ’s Barbershop was able to relocate to space in the South Hills Mall. Mario’s Sandwich Shop will be a more challenging relocation, but we will continue to work with owner Frank Carney to find a potential way to get his business up and running. There were also two smaller businesses displaced. It has been difficult to contact these business owners and we have not been able to offer assistance to date.  The building is down and the site continues to be cleared of debris. Air quality was and continues to be monitored as part of the permits for demolition. There was asbestos in the building and proper procedures were followed to insure safety. All those tests have comeback clear. It will continue to be monitored. The owner of the building has indicated he plans to rebuild.  We are very grateful to the many groups and volunteers that came to the assistance of the families and business victims of the fire. We are extremely proud of our business community and members of the WFBPA who immediately offered their help and assistance to our Village community.


2020/2021 Membership: Circumstances dictate that our membership will be by email and social media. While we would be grateful for payment of current dues, we all agree that payment to the WFBPA is a low priority. I would like to still put out the request to please renew or consider joining. Complete your membership form and return it.  Pay your dues when you can. We need to be able to contact every business in order to share resources that could be very helpful going forward.


Cleansweep: Currently we will postpone until the Fall with a TBA date.


Festival at the Falls: We plan to reschedule to September 12th. We think it will also help our local businesses to make it a part of their plan for reopening to have a specific date. We can always cancel/postpone again if the shutdown continues past the end of July.


Planters/Flowers: We will continue the planters along East Main from Givans Ave to Spring Street/Satterlee Place intersections. There will be no expansion this year. There will also be hanging baskets on the Mesier Homestead porch.


HGTV Hometown Takeover: HGTV has postponed any announcement or selection for the time being.


COVID-19 Outbreak: The WFBPA has been responding on a variety of levels. We have formed a partnership with the Village of Wappingers Falls to track Village/Town/County/State/Federal mandates, track business closures and who remains open, problem solve specific issues and offer support as needed. We are jointly working to collect contact info for ALL businesses in the Village. This is crucial to be able to share information to all our business owners quickly. We are utilizing Facebook/WFBPA Website/Instagram to share up to date information from all levels of Government regarding funding resources and COVID-19 information. We are sharing information about all businesses wanting the public to know how that can currently buy products, services or support them if they are closed. We are sharing helpful information to our Community regarding the many resources available to help unite, stay connected and support each other in these uncertain times.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if we can help your business in any way.  Remember, It Takes A Village… Be Safe, Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be Careful

All the best,

Cindy Latino

President, Wappingers Falls Business & Professional Association