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Peak Performance for Professionals  

Is time management and organization your nemesis?

Every wonder what happens to the schedule you thought you had at the beginning of the day, week, month, year?


Want to silence the overwhelm of constant chatter and to-dos once and for all?

Join in this monthly mastermind to peak your performance by understanding the mental process that happens to all of us, derails the best of us and causes us to spiral into some tricky places. 

These monthly sessions are geared toward introducing you to the science behind success and peaking your performance. 

This is brought to you by some of the local experts on Peak Performance and Members of the WFBPA.

* open to members and non-members

* only requirement is willingness and an open mind

* be ready to network and develop along side some of the areas most successful

For more information:

Email: for Zoom Link

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