BNI Workshops

The WFBPA, in association with BNI of the Hudson Valley, is pleased to share information about a series of professional workshops.  This monthly series of ONLINE workshops are being offered at no cost courtesy of BNI Hudson Valley for both Members and Non-Member of BNI.  


Frank DeRaffele is an international speaker and co-author on several books.  He, in partnership with his wife, Crystal, who recently joined WFBPA and attended the Festival at the Falls, are the Executive Directors of BNI in the Hudson Valley.  Frank has been a mentor when it comes to business and leadership for the past decade.  

You can use the links below to register to invite friends, family and local business owners, to learn how to better prepare for the possibility of this recession continuing and/or getting worse over the next few months. These programs are designed so you will be able to put in place what you learned the very next day.

Below are the links to each program to make it easy to sign up for any or all of them.

Recession Proofing Workshop Registration Links: 

  1. Increase Sales During a Recessionary Time - Wednesday, August 24th. 

    1. Building Your Strategic Alliance Net - Wednesday, October 13th

  2. Recessionary Leadership: Getting Results! - Wednesday, October 26th 

  3. Recession Proofing: Adjusting the Plan for Success - Wednesday, November 30th