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Featured Businesses of the Month

Ribbon Cuttings Fall 2022



This month we enjoyed the Fall Luncheon and ribbon cuttings for three new businesses to the Village of Wappingers


We started off with the ribbon cutting for Norma's Corner Shoppe and enjoyed a meal and memories both made and being made in what is now considered a cornerstone of the village.  Stop in and meet the lovely owners Crystal and Denise, their friendly and contagious attitude only pales in comparison to the delish foods that they offer to the customers and community they are so excited to serve.  

After our stomachs were satisfied we crossed to the other side of the street and were met by Liliam owner of Abuela Paty Creations who along with her own unique creations and carefully selected gifts provides artisan space for other local small businesses like Amy owner of Harbinger who has a booth in the new storefront. This unique handmade and carefully selected collections is a collaboration of Liliam's passion for hand-mades and wanting to promote other small artisans like herself.  Their party was only starting as we moved next door.


Next door we went to welcome Regan at the Eleventh House where you are guaranteed to find something even for the most difficult person to buy for.  Regan's passion for the unique and whimsical shines through in her carefully curated inventory that is ever changing and fun to experience. Stop in often!

We encourage you to visit and patronize their businesses regularly.  

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